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Prepaid Cards

The T24 Prepaid Card Platform is straightforward to integrate and implement, and distribution of cards to your customer base is easy. T24 offers cards supplied by our existing issuers, and also by issuers in the territory of your choice.

Cardholders can use their cards at any retailer that accepts VISA cards, and they can also withdraw money from any ATM displaying the VISA trademark.

Card management is available to each cardholder through a secure online account, and can be accessed through one’s computer or Mobile phone. In addition, services such as complete SMS support and card transfers are also offered.

T24 offers a number of payment solutions depending on the size of your customer base and your target market. We offer anything from quick-and-easy prepaid payroll cards and payout solutions to corporate branding and co-branding through our White Label Prepaid Card programmes. Regardless of what programme best fits your needs, all are available in partnerships with the VISA network, and provides cardholders with worldwide ATM and retail access.

Our Brands

T24 Black Card

The T24 Black Card is the world’s first prepaid card programme to offer free Priority Pass membership connected to its VISA prepaid cards. Priority Pass membership gives the cardholder access to over 600 airport lounges throughout the world. The T24 Black Card is specifically tailored towards the high-net-worth individual (HNWI), and offers a load limit of 50,000 USD.


  •  USD 50,000 load limit
  •  USD 6,000 daily ATM withdrawal limit
  •  USD 20,000 daily spend limit
  •  Priority Pass membership, which provides access to VIP airport lounges throughout the world.

To learn more about T24 Black Card and its full list of features and benefits, please click here.

T24 PayVault

The T24 PayVault Visa Prepaid Card is a payment solution intended for European-based companies who would like to streamline their payroll management systems, compensate employees in various locations, make commission-based payments to local sales staff, and more.


  •  Reduces the need for cash on hand
  •  Streamlines payroll procedures
  •  Cost-effective and easy fund transfer
  •  Payments are independent of the cardholder’s location

To learn more about the full list of features of benefits of the T24 PayVault Card, please click here.

T24 Blackshield

The T24 Blackshield Prepaid Card and Membership Programme is the first programme specifically tailored for medical insurance companies. T24 Blackshield provides a way for members to expediently and efficiently distribute claims.


  •  20,000 USD limit

To learn more about T24 Blackshield Programme’s full list of features and benefits, please click here.

Interested in your own Corporate Prepaid brand?

T24 provides complete Product Management Services for those companies who want to launch their own prepaid card programme, but don’t necessarily want the extra work of developing and operating the programme. The T24 Prepaid Management Service programme is summarized below:

In the development phase, T24:

  •  Formally specifies the programme
  •  Sources the necessary partners (Card Printers, Issuer, etc.)
  •  Card programme viability evaluation

The client provides:

  •  Company Due Diligence documentation
  •  Prepaid programme feature specification
  •  Prepaid programme business plan
  •  Project launch decision

Once the prepaid card programme goes live, T24 will operate, maintain and enforce compliance of the prepaid programme. The client will market and sell the programme as per the provided business plan, and will also take care of any loyalty segments of the card programme as well.

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