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China UnionPay Card Processing, China Unionpay Payment Acceptance

China UnionPay Processing

Out of all the cards issued worldwide, 30% of them are China UnionPay cards (CUP). By adding this payment option to your website, you will open up your business to one of the world’s biggest online market.

China UnionPay cards are primarily issued within China, and through accepting this form of payment, your business will be able to tap into this rapidly growing e-commerce sector, and generate even more sales.

Why China UnionPay

China UnionPay is the only domestic issuer of cards in China. It is now the world’s largest card network by card volume, and in the next 3 years, it is expected to surpass Visa to become the largest card network by transaction volume.

  •  750+ million cardholders
  •  3.5 billion cards issued
  •  50% of all new cards issued worldwide are UnionPay
  •  22 million online retailers already accept UnionPay

Accept China UnionPay on your website

The simplest way to add China UnionPay to your website is to use an online payment gateway. We can help, as Transact24 has worked with both Chinese and international merchants to open up their businesses to the Chinese market through payment options. With our China UnionPay gateway, you’ll be able to accept payments in Chinese Yuan (¥) and receive settlement in the major currency of your preference.

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