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ACH (Automated Clearing House) Payment Processing, ACH Payment Processing from Transact24

ACH Payment Processing

Today’s technology-driven world moves quickly, and consumers expect their payment options to keep up. Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment processing provides a speedy, simple and secure way for consumers to make payments while also providing an alternative to paper-based and card transactions. ACH processing makes it easy for businesses to satisfy their current customers whilst attracting new ones with convenient and flexible electronic payment options.

ACH payment processing is a federally regulated network designed to allow US-based financial institutions to send funds electronically. This electronic payment network is headed by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), and managed by the Federal Reserve and Electronic Payments Network.

How does ACH payment processing work

ACH payments processing can be considered the electronic counterpart to a paper cheque. Just as with traditional payment methods, users will provide their bank routing and cheque account details—the only difference is the verified payment will be sent immediately and electronically through the ACH system.

The most common types of payment that businesses use ACH for include direct deposit for customers and/or employees, direct bill payments (including loans, rent, or mortgage), business to business transactions, and e-commerce purchases.

What are the benefits of ACH payment processing?

  •  Make it easier for those without credit or debit cards to make convenient, secure payments and increase your customer base in the process
  •  Reduce expenses of standard and late payments, and improve customer convenience with recurring billing and e-invoicing options
  •  Save money and time by reducing the costs associated with paper cheque processing

Protect your ACH payments from fraud with full-PCI Compliance

It is critical that businesses put proper precautions in place in order to safeguard themselves and their customers from fraud and electronic data theft. Transact24 fully adheres to PCI DSS standards, which ensures that all merchants, business clients, and customers benefit from the highest levels of security available.

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